Living off a paycheck after paycheck

I personally don’t have a bank account and I’m living off a pay check after pay check. I want to be able to save for my kids need or need a second job…


You don’t really say exactly what you need advice or help on, assuming that is what you are asking. Are you looking for ways to save money, earn extra income, a combination of both? There are a lot of great resources here and a lot of knowledgeable people here in the community.

There are also alternatives to checking accounts, including numerous prepaid debit cards with little or no fees that you can direct deposit into.

Good luck!

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I keep an expense journal. If you see it in writing you are aware of how each penny is being spent. I write a budget for known expenses. When you post the known expenses like electricity always lists you for a certain amount to put back for savings. Avoid late fees and try to pay each credit card off each month.

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