Money management in general

As a senior citizen on fixed income, you have to divide your income income in several groups: Shelter/Health care and /Emergencies. I have to have different accounts for each of these; How can I have one account and have money divided in these groups?

I have different accounts. It’s hard for me to keep track of money divided up in one account.

There may be a bank whose banking app does it, I saw one once and thought it was interesting. However, I don’t remember the name. A budget would probably do what you need though. Like the app Mint, you can set up a budget that monitors how much you spend for each. If you get close or go over it will let you know. And you can set it to carry over balances that you haven’t used into other months. I believe some sort of budgeting tool is all you need.

I have three accounts at my bank. One is savings(emergencies), one for bills, and then one where my checks are automatically deposited. I just transfer a set a amount every month from my account into the other two accounts. Anything left in my account I can spend.

Out of all the replies I have read, I like the one from Kerrye the most. But I am going to keep reading.

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