My Credit Dropped 85 points....Why?

I use Credit Sesame and Credit Karma both say my score dropped 85 points for paying off my secured credit card on time and using less than 30% of my card limit.

I’m confused why would doing something positive have a negative effect on my credit score?


Based on Transunion data

Credit changes

Current score

Jul 6



85 pts

We found 1 change to your Transunion credit report.

Balance Decrease


Balance Decreased by $10



Credit Card Utilization as of Jun 2, 2019
Credit Card Utilization as of Jul 1, 2019

Nice work! It looks like you’re using less than 10% of your card’s credit limit. Credit Card Utilization under 10% is generally considered excellent.
Between June 2, 2019 and July 1, 2019, your CAPITAL BANK credit card balance decreased by $10 from $10 to $0.

Hey @wen.dee we actually have an article on The Penny Hoarder that covers why this might be happening:…-off-car-loan-early/

I’m not an expert by any means but when in the 30 day cycle did you pay down this card? Maybe, you new available credit isn’t reflected in your credit score.

I paid it prior to the bill being owed. I paid the full balance, did not close the card. I have a $200 secured credit card and still have a $200 balance.

As Crazy as this sounds and against what a lot of people say, if you are looking at building your credit DON’T pay the bill below a $20 Balance. So if you have a $200 Secured Credit Card ALWAYS keep the balance on the card between $20 and $60 ($60 is 30% of $200)

Also your credit card does not post your balance the day you pay it or even on the due date. Call your credit card company up and ask them what day of the month they report every month. That will be your guide. Hope that helps