New A/C Payout Now or Finance Later?

I have the opportunity to replace my 17yo A/C unit and pay cash, but the unit is running and has a new controller and compressor replaced last year. My question is should I payout 7k for a new unit now or run this unit out and finance the replacement down the road?


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I saw your post, and signed up so I could reply. I am an HVAC service tech, and if you recently replaced the compressor and controller, that is a big deal. If this unit is not giving you problems I suggest keep running it. Although do take care of it, change your air filter Every month, and keep your outdoor condensing unit always clean. Use you garden hose and rinse the coil clean, often. That is how it rejects the heat inside to cool you.

if you have any questions just ask.

I have a very similar situation myself. My HVAC system is 29 years old and it’s living on borrowed time. 7K to replace everything and I’m going to do it. I figure the sooner I start running something efficient I’ll be saving money due to the higher efficiency of the new unit, so I’ll be saving money every month. The power company sends out monthly “usage” figures and they say my house consumes 42% more energy than the houses around me.