Refinancing without a co-signer?

Hey folks. I’m 24, with a little over 11k in student loan debt. I’ve heard a lot about refinancing, but everywhere I look to get decent rates I need a co-signer and I don’t have anyone I could ask to fill that position. I’ve done well; even managed to pay off 3 loans over the past few years but I’m interested in how much I could be saving. Even just a personalized loan option with a lower rate would be appreciated. Any tips/recommendations? I’ve managed to pay off my previous loans with some serious budgeting and my income tax returns, but that isn’t really saving me money on the actual interest rates.

First, I want to commend you for paying off 3 of your loans! Congrats!

Beware of those personal loans that promote low interest rates. I was approved for a Discover personal loan $35k @ 14.99% apr my monthly is $675. It looked like a good deal at the time but when I look at my statements for the past year, I’m paying a average $415 in interest and $260 in principle every month.

I recommend to keep doing what you are doing…

…or you can apply for a credit card that mails you checks for 0% interest balance transfers. (Note* each check they mail you will incur I believe a least a 3% balance transfer fee.) Apply for what ever card you think is right for you on and transfer all your bills to that credit card and keep dumping your income into that card til you pay off the credit card. This debt tool strategy is similar to Velocity Banking.


Have you looked into the student loan deferral portion of the CARES Act?