I’m seriously thinking about putting in the minimum amount to start investing, does anyone know about REIT investing? I am expecting good returns for my money. I know all investments come with risk of losing the money you put into your investments.

Hi Robert,

The Penny Hoarder team has a great article on this!

I’ve been thinking a lot about REITs too. The problem, if I understand the vehicle correctly, is that you don’t get a say in what commercial properties are bought in what cities, so that’s high risk to me. Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong here and you do get to make a lot of the choices in REITs, or

Are there any REITs out there that allow you to pick and choose cities/property areas?

Yes. REIT save me time and hassle from dealing with the ins and outs of commercial properties. I done some research before I decided to invest its been nothing positive less then 6 months ago. They have a research investment team that places you in the best positions to maximize your returns. Minimum investment is $500 to start. With a single investment, your money is diversified across a portfolio of carefully selected real estate projects, which works well for me. Average annual returns has been as high as 12.42 as low 8.76% over the last 6 years places them on average at 10.76% on returns. Major macro trends are the primary drivers of long-term real estate returns. I get updates on new investments and I love I am so diversified with my investments with REIT… I’ll be happy share more information and sorry I responded late but I am an non- traditional student working a full time job. Happy New Year.