Save money

Hye tell me how to save money


I have opened a new account thru Credit Karma and am having only $10 per week automatically debited and deposited into the account. So that I do not notice. I know I need to save more but it is a painless start.


Its a great start. I do the direct deposit into savings as well, and since I never see it, I don’t miss it.

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Hi. You may not be interested in my story, but here goes anyway. When my husband and I separated, I had no money. Fortunately, I was working. I started by putting 1% of my salary in a 401k. I was fortunate that the company I worked for would match that 1%. Every time I got a raise, I would up that percentage by half of what the raise percentage was. Back in those days, you might get a 6% increase. I did this until I wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck anymore. Then I started putting the whole percentage amount of the raise into my 401k. My company matched dollar for dollar up to 16%. I continually increased until I was putting in the entire 16%. I didn’t miss that money because I never had it. I retired at 63 which was 14 years ago. I’m still living very comfortably and it’s all because I started with a small amount.

I know…a very long story, but maybe I gave you some hope.