ADVENTURE AWAITS by Tour for a Cause

Do you have a separate savings fund for travel?

My wife and I both love to travel and so we try to make it a priority to save for such expenses.

Even if “traveling” means just going on a day long road trip as we did over the weekend to see some nature and enjoy the spring weather.

We have a box in our living room where we add bills from time to time. It says “Adventure Awaits” on the box and is a great reminder that saving for such things is worth it.

It may only be a little bit here and there but it sure does add up and we have some big travel plans in the near future and the stash will come in handy!

What about you? Do you have a fund for travel? What do you have planned for your next trip?

I am in the process of moving and dealing with basics is a struggle. To save money for travel is so far off.

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I save for vacations. I take all the “extra” money- rebates, milage reimbursement, bonuses (haha, right), credits, etc, and put them in the safe. Thats my vacation/Christmas money. Last year I had a good vacation and Christmas. This year I have much less so it will pretty much be just vacation- A week in Maine on the lake with the kids and my man.


This is something that i definitely need to get into, i’m always scraping funds together the week before my trip. I’ve also wanted to look into back accounts that would be good for putting vacation funds into.


I set aside cash each month for my personal travels. My family is two states away and that’s where I take my personal travels. I know the costs associated with traveling there based on past experiences. I always add some extra to the cash for eating out and spoiling my nephew… Nothing like home cooking or going to your favorite local place when I am visiting.


@shannon.h that is great!