Saving money vs surgery?

I just went through surgery. How do you not blow the budget when you cannot cook for yourself?

I feel you, @annieb. Soup and lots of toast. In fact, I’m making a jumbo pot of soup this weekend.


The microwave to heat and not cook, that gives you Ramen noodles, hot dogs and buns, dollar section meals like mac and cheese, steamed vege’s.

PBJ sandwiches,

Best to you and your recovery.

Anything you can do to continue to eat at home as much as possible and as long as the answer isn’t a ton of UBER Eats/Door Dash, take-out, etc.! Perhaps only for the few days if you are acutely recovering from surgery. Frequencies beyond that will simply drain your wallet unnecessarily.

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@annieb I agree, soups. Use the crockpot for stews and other healthy meals you can just throw in and simmer.

Frozen meals once a day, and drink a ton of water to flush sodium. Keep a few just in case. Applesauce or fresh apples, and broccoli (frozen) are good options.

If you belong to a church, ask to see if they have women’s group that could provide you with meals a couple times a week. A friend received meals three times a week from women’s group at her church. Also, check with neighbors and see if someone is able to come over twice a week did some light cleaning (dishes in and out dishwasher, take out trash).