Secret Life Insurance Policy


When I was a kid, some man name Bob would come by my Granny’s about insurance policies. Now that I’m older I don’t know why he came so often. I remember a life insurance policy being placed under my name. 30 years later; my aunt mentioned cashing out on my policy and then changing her mind. I understand none of this. I also wonder why this is in my Aunt’s possession, and not my parents. My Aunt is the one that handled all my Granny’s affairs before and after she passed. What should I do? What’s the worst that could happen? Tell me any info you have, please?

Hmm, “Secret Life Insurance Policy” raises many red flags. I’d suggest researching the ins and outs of life insurance and asking your aunt to clarify what she means.

Here’s a Penny Hoarder article on how life insurance works:…ife-insurance-works/

Good luck.

Let me answer your question about why the insurance man used to show up so often. My grandfather was an agent for Prudential Insurance Company. I recall the during the 1950s and maybe into the 60s, he used to personally collect his customer’s weekly payments. Seems odd to think of it that way now, but that was how it was done. He worked from them for 50 years and was honored at his retirement.