What are your favorite podcasts to listen to?

Here are my top 3:

The Aworkening (entertaining side hustle ideas)

Dave Ramsey Show (financial show)

Joe Rogan Experience (entertainment)


I personally haven’t gotten into the habit of listening to podcasts. I am not sure why though.

I always end up listening to the radio while on delivery in the evenings.

It would probably be much more profitable use of my time if I were to start listening to some financial podcasts!

Any recommendations for such podcasts would be much appreciated!

( @briana does The Penny Hoarder have any kind of Podcast?)


Alec Baldwin…Here’s the Thing

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@MOORE, for financial podcasts I like ChooseFI and The Dave Ramsey Show. For making more money, The Aworkening is a good one. And for motivation, Pick the Brain!

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Planet Money is a great financial podcast. I’m also hooked on The Dream right now (about MLMs).


If you like Planet Money, you may like its shorter daily show, The Indicator. It’s a quick take on the money news of the day.

For practical advice in about 20 minutes, try Lillian Karabaic’s Oh My Dollar.

One of our Penny Hoarders has a personal finance podcast too: Frugal Friends!