26 years old, home decorations

I have recently bought my own home with intense savings! I want it to look cozy and chic, but budget friendly. Any suggestions for decor? I don’t want to buy IKEA furniture, whats the best alternative?

As a very personal decorating style, I love vintage furniture which opens the door for some great values at thrift shops, yard sales, and family hand me downs; and there seems to be stories that come w some of the pieces. If you prefer new, Target or online sites like Wayfair or Houzz offer all price ranges. A little more pricey Restoration Warehouse, Ballad Designs, etc. If your taste is pricey… someone on Pinterest will show a DYI way to replicate it!!


Yes, I am a huge fan of thrift shops and secondhand furniture stores. I don’t think I have anything new in my house at all!

OK, my bed was new when I bought it, but that was with my ex. He doesn’t do used eyeroll.

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Congrats on the new home! That’s an incredible accomplishment at 26. For affordable home decor, I know a lot of my friends have had luck at Target, TJ Maxx, H&M Home, Wayfair and even Amazon. All of those stores have a number of different items available at different price points.

Keep us posted on how your home decor is coming along!

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We love older wood furniture, as it’s sturdy. Besides thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales, we found auctions to be a fun source for furniture. Consignment stores. Going out of business sales may yield office type furniture or padded chairs. Habitat for Humanity has “Restores” throughout the country, that sell household goods and appliances, not just construction supplies.// Ask around. Friends or relatives might be downsizing or getting rid of stuff. // Craigslist. Freecycle. // Paint does wonders. A friend uses neutrals through her home and it looks quite elegant. She started as a newlywed trying to make unmatched furniture work together. // We were given a Victrola case a neighbor salvaged from the trash. After a rub down with Old English furniture polish it became a nice quirky little storage piece in our living room. I’ve often seen old treadle sewing machine cabinets out there and wonder what they could be reused for. // Wall paint adds quite a bit to the feel of a room. A warm neutral is pretty versatile. Accent pieces add a pop of color, so pillows or wall art work. Plus are cheap. In one place we covered a wall with bird prints framed in black thrift store frames. It had a bigger impact than a few small pictures scattered around. // Hope you have fun as you make your home your own.


Thank you, everyone! I’ll keep you updated.