5 Things to lookout for when seeking to make money.

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When I started looking for a way to make more money the traditional methods of making money. I cleaned a car dealership soon after I was divorced since money was tight. That is not fun work, but it paid the bills. Well here are the 5 things to look out for when trying to make a little money at home.

Work from Home sweepstakes, surveys and other types of online research and secret shopper. Here is the thing making a few dollars giving your personal information to sweepstakes, polls and secret shopper opportunities can lead you to a path where you lose money get scammed or worse get your identity stolen. There are better ways to spend your time and other opportunities that will give you more money for the time you spend jumping thru hoops to make a few bucks.

Getting a 2nd job at a fast food place, picking up cans or working the night shift at a grocery/24/7 store. These require your time and can wear you down physically, mentally and spiritually. Hard working folks need to do what they got to do to make ends meet. I met a sharp guy with three young kids and he works at McDonald’s as well. The good and the bad but it’s not the only way.

Consulting/Teaching A good friend of mine teaches students in China via the internet. Pretty cool technology it required a bachelor’s degree. Consulting is an interesting concept that requires you to be passionate about helping people and have some area of expertise in solving a problem. Usually, it is a per hour fee and can be lucrative. Even consulting people on how to increase traffic to a website or increasing more people using a restaurant or dentist office. The downside is it takes at least $3,000 to get that off the ground and can be slow going getting the first client.

Create an online store. Lots of people trying to push their training programs to sell as an FBA online with Amazon or with Shopify or other websites that allow you to pick a product then market that on Google, Facebook, YouTube or Amazon. The great thing is that there is little or no startup cost because you can source products from China or a US Supplier who hold the inventory and you profit from the markup. The startup cost can be bigger with Amazon because many must hold inventory to sell on Amazon. Drop shipping is just learning to know what’s the hot product. The investment is in advertisement and coaching/training find hot products and create attractive ads that cause buyers to buy your product. That could take some time and research and trial and error to get a good product may cost thousands of dollars.

Direct Sales industry/Referral Based Programs. This industry has top-notch people making products and services that make a big difference in the lives of the members and customers. Many are passionate about how the product or service has changed their life. From a health perspective lost weight, gained energy. There are some shysters and fly by night companies that are not selling a legit product. The positives are low entry costs. Gain personal skills, meet a group of people passionate about making a difference.

The downside is selling or helping family or friends is not always attractive and many are not wanting to sell things to their friends or family. Personally, I am in a company that is in this space and am blessed to have been apart of a company that has given me so much with the personal development training to financial literacy to a ground-breaking app that is launching in January 2019. If you are interested in being apart of an app that will help people save money and earn cash rewards and creating a stream of income from offering a free app let me know and your dreams can come true in 2019!


All of these are great ideas when trying to earn extra income. I agree that surveys, etc. can be a big waste of time and really are not worth it.

I did want to add that when it comes to getting a second job, working at a fast food place isn’t your only option. I personally deliver food in the evenings for BiteSquad as a way to earn some extra money.

Depending on where you live, there are many different “on-demand” and “gig economy” jobs that allow you to earn income with a lot more flexibility than a traditional job and can be a great option for people like myself who work full time and also do stuff online.

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Couldn’t agree more, especially with the surveys. I notice that both @moore.income and I have been down that road, and obviously you too @nathan.taylor. Quite annoying to how much effort you have to apply, only to end up NOT qualifying for the survey (for a few cents). The effort never justifies the reward.

Surveys also remind me of things like online writing and social media jobs. With sites like “Upwork”, “Guru” and “Freelancer”. Because you also have to qualify for those by means of a resume and professional profile. Which they don’t often tell you about at the point of promotion. Quite annoying once you find out right?

I have used other methods to generate money with Amazon. By using a publisher called BookRix to publish eBooks to all major online bookstores, including Amazon. And the added advantage is that you never pay for any publication. Bookrix does however scoop 30% of your sales to cover publishing costs.

There are indeed many “fly by night” and scams on the internet. Which is why I always check reviews and do a lot of research before making any financial sacrifice or commitment. “Gain passionate skills”, so elegantly suggested. And rightly so, because knowledge is the only way to get recognized as a professional in your field.

My own personal favorite is blogging with affiliate marketing. But that’s way too much info for a single comment. Truth be told, it’s quite the roller coaster kind of journey. Just when you think you have all the keys, they change the locks!

Do you enjoy being outdoors? Would you like to make money going for early morning walks? Then consider providing a litter cleanup service on foot, using simple hand tools, outside commercial properties nearby. I’ve been doing this since 1981. I started this as a side hustle and grew it into a successful full-time business that I still operate today. Turn trash into cash!

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