How to Earn Extra Money


Can anyone tell me how I can earn extra money working from home on the Internet? I see things on the Internet, but don’t know how legitimate they are.


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Hi @teresa.ridgeway! Have you checked out The Penny Hoarder work-from-home jobs portal? All of these jobs are verified and updated daily!

Here it is:

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What type of job are you looking for specifically? That may be able to help other members share!


It can be surveys , or data entry jobs, or customer service. I do surveys but just get 20 cents , 50 cents etc

I have just signed up for penny hoarder , if anyone can tell me the best quick ways to earn extra money without all those scams where you have to pay thanks guys

There are many different ways to make money on the internet. It really comes down to what are you interested in doing and if there are any specifics as to what opportunities you are looking into.

I am not someone to outright call something a scam without first doing more research but if I know what it is, there are some tell tale signs that will be very evident from the get go that help me identify whether something is in fact legit or a scam.