A Free Resource to Make Budgeting Easier

Hi Penny Hoarders!

As a means to better track my own spending and sort our my financial priorities, I recently developed a budgeting Excel sheet that is unique in several ways:

  1. It allows you to select your currency and year (making it customizable based on where you live and a template that you can use year on year)

  2. The overview page allows you to enter your budgeted amounts and has hyperlinked buttons for each month of the year, allowing you to hop around and see how your spending has changed over time

  3. Each month has it’s own budget, with a transaction ledger that allows you to categorize your transactions based on a select number of categories (in the drop down menu). Any amounts entered for the category will automatically be updated in the budget and represented in a pretty cool pie chart (allowing you to see what percentage of your income you’re spending on specific categories)

The pack also comes with some pretty cool printables. You can take a look at whats included here.

To learn how to use the free resource, you can read the following post.

I hope that this is really helpful for the community


I am new to your community and very excited to improving my financial fitness. Looking forward to receiving the budgeting Excel sheet.


I really hope it helps! Let me know if you have any questions or if there are any glitches that I can help you sort through. And good luck!


Thank you. Will do

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Thanks for sharing @the.saving.scientist!

Welcome to the community @wwwgettheappus


Excellent spreadsheet for budgeting and planning thank you for sharing


My pleasure Walt! Glad it’s been helpful!

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Thank you, @the.saving.scientist. Love spreadsheets.