A reminder NOT to spend.

I use a debit card and paper checks. I have a huge goal to sell my current home and build/buy a new one before December, 2020. So I made a index card with what my debt kill amount is, how much I want to save for a larger downpayment to REMIND myself that i DO NOT need to buy anything but food and things I need to fix up the old house. Having that reminder (stuck one on my cell phone and one on my laptop) too avoid impulse buys! Wish me luck.


Good luck, Jobelle. I like your idea of using index cards for debt tracking!


Good luck!


Good luck. I believe with your effort and determination you are going to make this happen!!

Great idea!

Good luck!!! You can do this!

Good luck!! I’m sure you can accomplish your goal if you take it one step at a time!!

Good Luck to ya. Think about what you will have in the near future. Just picture yourself in your new home when you get an impulse to buy.

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