Budgeting tips

Dave Ramsey has a great budgeting tool that’s free. “Every Dollar”. Also, the envelope system and using cash, never credit cards is the only way to go. We did it for years, and it’s amazing how much you save! Unfortunately, we used all our cash when we built our new house and got out of the habit of using cash. So, now I’m trying to get back on track and can’t wait to get it all together again. My husband has absolutely no interest in going over all the numbers. He just leaves it all up to me. That’s sad. Newlyweds should start out making decisions together.



@nanawaller14 , good luck! I’m sure you can get back into using cash since you already know how. Just need to build new habits, again.

You guys built your own home? Are you still in it?

I second that notion! I love Dave Ramsey; even took a class with all of his videos! My old high school teacher used to call him Uncle Dave and he really taught me most of what I know when it comes to finances. Get that hubby into gear because it’s a lot harder to work on it alone.

Well we didn’t build it with our own 4 hands. We’ve built 2 homes. Downsized from the first and are living in the smaller version now.

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Dear Miranda, he’s 75 years old. I think it’s a bit late to try and change him!! LOL!

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The envelope system is good just have to use a app for recites keep track of everything

What app do you use for receipts?