Anyone interested in sharing their "money diary"?

Inspired from Refinery 29’s Money Diaries series (, is anyone here interested in breaking down and sharing what they spend in a week – from necessities to impulse purchases and everything in between? I’d love to share it as part of a Money Challenge or make it an ongoing feature in the future!

For those not familiar, Refinery 29’s money diaries peer into the weekly spending habits of people from various walks of life, ages and income levels. It can be very relatable or sometimes very eye-opening – especially learning what high-income earners spend their money on!

If you’re interested in sharing you own money diary, send me a private message or email to work out the details! Happy to keep you anonymous if we do end up posting your money diary!


Nope, don’t think I’ll be sharing. You’d get to see too many impulse purchases?. I have enjoyed the Refinery29 diaries in the past though. I’d forgotten all about them until you mentioned them because I no longer subscribe. I should take another look. CNBC also has something similar. I like to see how others spend their money, even if sometimes I want to yell out to stop paying for excessive cable and overpriced phone plans.

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