Balance transferring

Hello: This is my situation, I have 3 open credit cards, Visa, Quicksilver Capital One, and Discover. In total I owe $2,300.00 I was recently approved for another credit card, with a credit limit of $3,000.00, I am also getting a tax return of $ 1350.00. The balances on these cards have all had timely payments, so there’s no problem there ,but here is the problem, without going into all the details, I was forced into an early retirement, and I’m currently just living on my widows benefits which is only $ 1, 400.00, my rent is $ 1, 200.00, so I will only have $200.00 to live on, I left work on 12/04/2019, i,had the remainder of my 403B and one pay check left, it got me through the last 2 months, and I’m approaching the point of using my credit cards to buy groceries, pay the electric bill. Clearly I have a problem here. I’m consistently looking for another job, but until I do, I need to clean up this mess, and still have something to live on. So my question is, should I transfer all the credit cards onto the new card, and try to squeeze by with the income tax until I find work, I do have an interview this coming Tueday. Sorry for the length of this. I am open to any and all suggestions, Thanks, Judi McGraw VanDeveer or

Save the tax return to live on is my advice. Also I just transferred my balance from my Mastercard to a new AMEX, which had a 0% balance transfer fee and a 0% APR for one year.

I googled free balance transfer credit cards to find it. You may also want to check out for more info.

Lastly, check with 211 (United Way), a local church, maybe your local Senior Resource Alliance, etc. for assistance with paying for your rent/groceries. Are you eligible for food stamps? That would help with your food.

Good luck to you, and let us know how you fare.

judi McGraw vandeever, That is quite the predicament you have been put into. There are several things that you need to be working at this point. You didn’t give your age and I’m wondering if you are considering your widows benefits as your social security benefits. If not, are you old enough to receive social security. It seems you need to find a cheaper place to live and find a job. As far as putting the three credit cards on the one new one, what are the interest rates? If the interest rate on the new one is larger than the three current ones, it’s best If you find another way. Have you considered bankruptcy? It’s not a place where anyone wants to be, but you are in an impossible situation. No one can live on $200 per month after paying rent. I will be praying for you and know that you have to stay on top of this not to become homeless very quickly. If you can get a roommate or find a room to live with someone that could be another answer. I wish you the best and hope everything works out quickly. I’m so sorry for this predicament. God bless you.