Should I do a balance transfer

I have a balance with a credit card with 20.74% interest rate. I have a credit score of 765. Would if be helpful for me to get a new credit card that offers 0% for 15 months? I really dont want to mess up my credit score if I open a new account.

I would ask the current card company for a change in my percentage rate if you have been paying on time and your score is what you say. Ask them to lower it to keep you.

You will really want to read the fine print on the 0% for 15 months. A lot of times the rate after the promotional period is higher than what you’re getting now. But, if you are able to pay off the transferred balance before the promo period, then you would be fine. Like suggested, call the card you have and see what they can do for you first.

I did that already and they said that they monitor and send updates when appropriate, I can try again. My score was 765 at that time too and i mentioned that to them.