Best penny pinching app

So i dont know if you guys and gals have ever used the app called “digit”. It is a little miracle worker. You attach it to your bank account and it learns your spending habits. Then every day it will take a small portion out. You can set the limit. Its 2.99$ a month but trust me it is worth it. You can create different things you want to save for and name them and it will divide your dividend that it takes into each folder your saving in. I have a “rainy day”, "graduation ", and “student loan” saving folders. You set a goal for what you want saved and when it forget about it or you can have it tell you every day what it takes. Now I know yall are thinking I’m crazy for trusting an app with my account info. Well its backed by the FDIC. Only saving app I’ve found backed by them. It’s a jewel. Enjoy. I do

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This sounds like a good idea but makes me too nervous to go through with it. How did you get introduced to this app?