Birthday Savings & Freebies

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Today marks that time of year when my age mysteriously goes up by another digit.

This year the number is 26 ?

That being said, I always try to take advantage of any freebies offered by restaurants in my area.

So far I have been able to collect:

  • A free sub from Firehouse Subs

  • A free sub from Jersey Mike’s

  • A free coffee from Caribou Coffee

  • A free coffee from Dunkin

  • A free treat from Panera Bread

  • A free 12 oz frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti

  • A free burrito from Moe’s

(I also normally get a free coffee from Starbucks but this year they didn’t send me one. There is also a local Mexican restaurant that gives a free entrée on your birthday but this year I will be skipping that)

Most of these I don’t have to use on my birthday but I did have to sign up ahead of time to receive most.

That being said, I am curious, anybody else take advantage of freebies to save some money on your special day? If so what are they? (whether local to your area or available nationwide)


This is nice to know!


thanks for sharing


I’m so bad at redeeming these birthday freebies. Although I did use the Caribou coffee app quite a bit to get some free items when I worked in an office with a Caribou in the lobby a couple years ago.

Also, The Penny Hoarder has a pretty great list of over 100 places giving out birthday gifts and deals:…y/birthday-freebies/


Happy birthday, fellow Sagittarius! Too bad Starbucks didn’t give your free drink. ? Baker’s Crust has free dessert. Fashion retail: Sephora has a free gift. Vera Bradley has 25% off.


Happy belated birthday @moore.income! I try to hit up IHOP for free pancakes and also Bonefish Grill for free Bang Bang Shrimp. @pinay I never miss the Sephora bday freebie! Do you also get the Ulta birthday gift?


@dear.penny Thanks for the reminder! I’ll check my Ulta account. ?

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Wow thanks for the info. The only drawback is receiving a zillion emails. Maybe I will create a separate email account for those extras.


@listims You’re welcome. That is a great idea to make a separate email account. Unfortunately I did not do that so I sometimes have to search for the emails. I did however just clean out my main email inbox and deleted over 20,000 emails!!! So it is a little easier to find them now lol

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UPDATE on the Starbucks drink. I contacted their support and they said since I did not buy anything on my account (I always use my wife’s account) this year I was not eligible to receive the free birthday drink.

So it turns out it is not completely free after all.

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Happy Birthday.

I have never done the free birthday thing, but some of those options sound good! Moe’s rocks. And I’ve been drinking Dunkin’s since I was able to walk, lol. True New Englander. But I didn’t realize they gave free coffee on bdays!


@moore.income That explains why I didn’t get my Starbucks free drink this year! I don’t think I’ve been there since the start of the pandemic. I’d go every so often on my way to work. But when I’m not commuting, it’s kind of out of the way.


Some restaurants give you some free desserts and stuff if you say it’s your birthday. But if you’d like to get even more freebies, one trick I like to do is basically tell every hotel/restaurant/service industry thing I’m paying for that it’s my anniversary.

Unlike birthdays where they can check, any couple can have an anniversary at any time and there’s no documents that you need to show to prove it.

Though I feel like I ought to try out free Dunkin’s coffee on my bday though.


I just learned that where I live (Minnesota), you get a free Beef ‘N Cheddar sandwich from Arby’s every time the local NBA team (Timberwolves) makes 12 three-pointers in a game. This happens a lot! All you need to do is show the Timberwolves’ app at the restaurant. This promo has been going on the past two seasons.

Maybe there are similar promos for other teams across the U.S.


This is a good list, @moore.income. I do this as well and save the emails in a birthday folder, which I sometimes forget, but I never forget the free dessert at Luby’s?. Also, appreciate the link @will.s


@will.s I am right next door in North Dakota.

I do know in one of the nearby cities I have seen a billboard from Subway that any time their local sports team wins, you can mention the team name and get a Buy One Get One Free footlong.

There are lots of other great freebies out there for more than just on your birthday, I think I might write another post mentioning some other good ones.