What are your favorite birthday freebies?

Do you load up on birthday freebies for your big day each year? If so, what are some of your favorites? A few years back, when I was turning 34, I went to a bunch of different businesses throughout my birthday week and got $114.97 worth of birthday freebies: https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/save-money/scoring-restaurant-birthday-deals/

This year, I’m turning 34… plus 6. Yikes!

The Penny Hoarder has this list of 102 places that give you free stuff on your birthday: 102 Places That Will Give You Free Stuff on Your Birthday

As I glance through it, it seems like many of the offers aren’t quite as generous as they used to be, which is completely understandable since businesses are dealing with rising costs just like the rest of us are. Also, some of the offers are a bit vaguer than in the past. Many businesses just say you’ll get a “free birthday reward,” or something to that effect.

A few of my favorites are still on the list, though:

  • The Sephora birthday gift

  • Free breakfast sandwich at Einstein Bagels with purchase (I’d probably buy a coffee anyway)

  • Free birthday burrito at Moe’s

  • BOGO breakfast, lunch or brunch at First Watch (Maybe I’ll treat my mom. She deserves a freebie for birthing me and putting up with me for 40 years.)

Fortunately, a lot of the offers are good for the full week or month of your birthday, so you can spread out the festivities and the freebies. If there are any on the list that catch your eye and they require you to be part of the loyalty program, sign up well before your birthday, as many send out the coupon or code you need to redeem on the first day of your birthday month.

Birthday Freebies The Penny Hoarder

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I love freebies but am too modest to accept them! How very Midwest of me.

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I love :heart: my free coffee from Quick check that’s all I take and I enjoy that free gift

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I used to sign up for all the birthday freebies, but I had to stop as my waistline continues to expand! :grinning:

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Anything that I get without having to ask for the birthday freebie but my only con is that I have to get it during my birthday month. I am not a frequent shopper.

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LoL, I was thinking the same thing. I get a free dessert from Luby’s, Pappas Barbecue, and a few others I don’t recall right now. I actually get more product discounts during my birthday month, most of which I can’t afford to take advantage of even though some of them run into April. My birthday month is March, and I will definitely be taking advantage of my $15 IKEA discount. :grin: My sister thinks I should set up a specific account just for birthday discounts…sounds like a plan.

My birthday is in a couple weeks – I’m going to look for some freebies in Milwaukee (where we’ll be visiting)!