Bond investors

Interested in bonds any thoughts?


Pimco bond funds, PDI, PTY, PCN. They pay out monthly and better if you use the DRIP to reinvest your hard-earned money if not needed anytime soon. Major corporations’ stocks are good too. PEP, KO, MSFT, INTEL, CSCO, etc.

Buy CEFs, ETFs, MLPs, and BDCs, Now is the time to buy and to continue to buy small amounts at a time, as we are headed for a global recession which should last about 18 months in my opinion. If you don’t believe me ask Dear Penny(CFP) or visit and talk to a stock broker or financial advisor.

Just my thoughts and no, I am not a broker or advisor.


Good tips, @big.lew! I know very little about bonds, but need to look into them with the economic slowdown upon us. Good to to learn more, especially as I start thinking about retirement in a couple decades.

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With inflation so high, government I bonds are the way to go. They’re earning over 9% right now, and the rate is likely to go even higher when the Treasury Department resets the rate in November. It’s a great wat to earn a guaranteed return on your money, though you won’t be able to access the funds for at least a year.

I wrote an article about I bonds that explains all the pros and cons. I added about $3,000 of I bonds to my portfolio in May, and I’m really happy I did.

Hope this helps!