How are you protecting your money against inflation? 

Hey there Penny Hoarders!

If you haven’t heard, inflation is getting a little crazy. Annual inflation rose by 4.4% in September — the fastest pace in over 30 years.

I’m curious to hear what you think about this. Do you anticipate inflation will keep going up or cool off soon?

I just finished writing an article (it’ll be online soon) about I bonds from the U.S. government. These bonds are specifically built to protect against inflation and they’re currently offering a 7.12% interest rate if you purchase I bonds between now and April 2022.

To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve ever considered investing in bonds. Even though I’m young, a big chunk of my money is still in cash because I want to buy a house in the next 1-3 years.

I’ve been debating on earmarking part of my savings to a high-yield savings account or CDs, but this 7.12% rate on I bonds is so much higher.

Anyway, I’m just curious to hear if anyone here is making specific investment decisions to protect against inflation. If so, what money moves are you making?


7.2% interest is enticing. But what are the benefits of investing in government bonds versus, say, putting that same amount into a full market index fund and holding long-term? Less risky?

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Ride the inflation. Look for investments that will increase in value (no matter what).

  • Real Estate Properties
  • Gold

Invest in these instead of keeping a big chunk of your portion in a savings bank.


If there is anything big in the future we are planning to buy we usually don’t wait. It will cost more later. Also always look for a better investment then the inflation rate.


wow, its crazy the way things are going,


Current investments to protect against inflation:

  • Real estate syndications

  • SP 500, TQQQ (leveraged Nasdaq 100, with 1 day holding period), and QYLD (~9% historical dividends, paid monthly, via a covered call strategy).

  • Crypto (this is more of a gamble for the long-term if countries start using crypto as reserve currency).


Stocks I own, QYLD, RYLD, XYLD, THW, MO, DRE, RA, IEP, MAIN, NEWT, STAG, PCI, PDI, PKO, UTG, OHI, just to name a few. They cover real estate, industrials, healthcare, tobacco, medical marijuana, oil and gas, infrastructure, etc. BDC’s, CEF’s, MLP’s, ETF’s and major corporation stocks are part of what I own in my retirement accounts. My hedge against inflation. The FED will raise interest rates soon to combat inflation. Good Luck.


If possible we buy things now rather then later, especially if they are non perishable.

Maintain your focus and invest in accordance with your strategy. With your intended stocks/bonds split, you can keep your pension flowing. ISA, as well. Make no attempt to time the market. Ignore the economic news.

When circumstances are uncertain, messing about with your money is a fantastic way to make things worse; simply keep your head down and keep working hard.

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I’ve purchased I-bonds in the past more than once, and will probably look at those again for some protection. They’re easy to buy and I don’t think you have to hold onto the paper issues as it’s all done online now.