Inflation vs. S&P 500 Returns

Setting a 14% expectation is harmful. The long term is closer to 11%. 2008 and Q4 2021 to present Q1 2022 is pretty dismal unless you are in this for the long run, i.e. 30-40 years. Yes, put your retirement savings into the S&P when you are young, but you might want to look at a more steady cash flow as you near retirement, i.e. REIT?

Best is to plan in your 20s and 30s to not have to use your IRAs at all. For my wife and I our MRD goes directly into a regular brokerage account or to donations; i.e. church, NPR, Salvation Army, etc.; and keeps growing there.

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Here’s a link to the resource graphic nrkmann is referring to: https://community.thepennyhoar…vs-sandp-500-returns

As I approach 40, helping to support a young family, I’m investing longterm and for retirement. And fwiw, the few stocks I’ve had since my 20s are by and large way outperforming inflation. But ymmv, of course!

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