Save early save often

Anyone looking to retire early (especially millennials) always take advantage of your 401k if available or have automatic deductions to a Roth IRA. Even if just $25 a week or month it adds up and you can retire in your fifties. As pay increases, up your contributions. I’m 56, worked a good blue collar job and just hit the $2m mark. Einstein said the 8th wonder of the world was compounding interest.

Take advantage!


You have done well for yourself! Great job!

Definitely trying to maximize my financial situation in my youth to be well prepared for later years.

Excellent @dan.olsen, congratulations!
What are you doing with your retirement?

Congrats @dan.olsen! One of the biggest lessons my parents always told me was to take advantage of a 401K!

Good luck and sounds like you had good teachers. Best other lesson is don’t panic when markets are down. Look at it as an opportunity to by quality stocks at a discount.