What are you doing to beat Inflation?

Hello my Fellow Penny Hoarders,

I have been absent from this site for awhile but I’m feeling like I want to connect with people and find out how we can support and help each other. So, my topic I am posting is: What are you doing to beat inflation?

What side gigs are people doing?

Have you cut out unneeded expenses?

Working second jobs not considered “side-gigs”?

Putting off retirement? travel? etc.

Lets brainstorm, encourage one another and see what we can come up with.

I hope we are all doing well. I live here in the Pacific Northwest and we are having unseasonably warm dry weather. We need rain, though.

Looking forward to connecting and brainstorming with everyone. I’ll share some things I’m doing a little later.

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I haven’t changed TOO much…
I notice that hotels are more expensive so it has cut down on my spontaneous weekends away, but then I have also just adjusted where I stay. My food budget remains the same, but I get less for it obviously. I haven’t traveled much the last few years and hoped to start that again, but flights to where I want to go are pricey. @slaura ? I use very little gas on the regular, so that hasn’t changed. Where it is hitting me is my electric bill. It has more than doubled in NH (Thanks Eversource), and is almost 300$ in the fall with no heat and no a/c on it. Winter will be over 500$ (probably 600$ +) at a min for 6 months or more. I wont be working from home during winter so I can keep the heat turned down and the power decreased for at least 20 hours/day. I enrolled in a program to receive assistance with doing some weatherization and energy efficiency- hoping that helps with the bill.
I am not taking on additional jobs as it’s important to me to be home as much as I can for the kids. My husband has put off his retirement and continues to work his PT job. We are still seeking a house, but we all know what the market is doing these last few years. The crazy increase in property taxes HAS ruled out homes that I would normally look at purchasing. I do not want to be paying over 1000$ month in taxes in my retirement. I am grateful to be able to absorb the inflation so far, but looking at my budget and preparing for it to continue.

Glad you’re back @leta.muncie! I’ve been trying to be more mindful with my spending overall. Also no big purchases until I look at my expenses after a couple months to see what adjustments I need to make (e.g. $X amount extra per month on gas and groceries).


i am buying less and i am saving a set amount from my paycheck to stay on top of it all, i also don’t travel far for work, so my gas is going well for me, i also only go out to eat once in a while


@Irishnanny - I’m saving each paycheck too. Heard today that so many have stopped saving and are eating into any savings they have. EEK!

I actually increased my monthly savings to $200 (in addition to all the expenses I save for over time like my car, my property taxes, house insurance, etc.). And, I’m making sure to keep up on my employer’s 401K match. I have enough of a runway prior to retirement to ride it out (not the first time). Unfortunately, not everyone is able to or they are at retirement or very close and that is just plain terrible luck. My heart goes out to those in this boat.


PolarMoney i agree with you, i do feel bad for some of our senior in the complex i live in, they are having a hard time