Care to share any experiences from reviewing products online?

Does anyone have any experience with reviewing products online? If so, was it a worth the time? This article from The Penny Hoarder on companies that send free stuff for people to review has rekindled my desire to launch a YouTube channel reviewing guitar products. I wouldn’t necessarily be in it for scoring free musical equipment for honest feedback. But I wouldn’t be mad about it either.

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I have only ever reviewed products or places on Amazon and Google but Google does give out a few perks to their top place reviewers. (I got a free Google Maps pin LOL)

That being said, I think you should definitely do a review channel. With something niched down like you are thinking, not only would it have people wanting to send you stuff for free but if your channel were to grow, it would be a great place for advertisers in that niche to sponsor content as well.

I believe YT will only continue to keep growing in the future so the sooner you get started, the better!

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@moore.income Launching that YT channel is on the bucket list!

I’ve only left one Amazon review, but never went for Google. But that’s probably because I worked for Yelp for several years.

I’ve never done this although I’ve been tempted to get free stuff.