Commercial Real Estate

In the article "

If You Have More Than $1,000 in Your Checking Account, Make These 6 Moves"

The first suggestion is to invest in commercial real estate.

With Covid affecting every business and work from home becoming a reality, I challenge this suggestion as it looks more and more like commercial real estate is about to collapse as new buildings are increasingly empty.


Commercial real estate loan requirements have been tightening since March. So unless you have thousands under your mattress you probably can’t get a loan. Businesses are also closing.

I will say the real estate market in the Philadelphia suburbs is still hot. Over the last four years prices have increased 50% in some places. I’m waiting for the downturn to lower prices before I even think about buying a house. My crazy mortgage person told me I only need 3-6% down!!! Maybe in January…

My motto is the banks and insurance companies don’t play so you don’t have to listen to any other hype. Which Is why you can’t get some insurance in Florida.

FHA loans only need 3% down but if you debt to income ratio is too high it wont matter they wont give you a loan then.

This article states you need $500 to get started is this not the case or can you began to make money as this article states?

Fundrise invests in apartment buildings. I’ve been looking for people that have invested in Fundrise and/or DiversyFunds to find out what they think of them.


If the bank knows you are buying a property to rent instead of to live in, the down payment requirements are usually higher, like 20% instead of 10%. At least it used to be.