Credit cards consolidate

What is the best company to work with to consolidate my credit cards. I have about $5000.00 in debt, and I’m unemployed now.

I can’t give you an opinion on which one is the best company to use, but I can tell you what I have experienced. Your credit score will drop dramatically. This is the first thing I was told. It will also take some time to build a “savings” with them to start paying the debit off. The company calls and negotiates with your creditors and tries to get them to take a lower amount as a payoff. So it is a slow process, but for $5000 it should be paid off with less stress on your part in 3 years and your credit should be built back up. Hope this helps . The company we used is National Debit Solution and my mom used Trinity.

I used, and still recommend, Greenpath. They are a not-for-profit agency and work the same way as what Tara said above.

Thank for the information.