What is the best way to consolidate my credit cards into one payment

I have about 5000.00 in credit card debt. My account was high jacked and some company out of Daytona Beach was billing my debit card monthly, causing my pmts. To bounce. Now they want double payments, which I can’t afford so they tack on extra fees.

I feel like I’m drowning. I disputed these charges and they are returning money slowly. I get a check once a month on disability because of a broken back ( chronic fracture) my credit score in the 500 range and no body wants to give me a loan. Any advice?

I have used, and recommend, Greenpath. They are a not-for-profit agency that will assist with debt reduction. They were very very helpful and continue to be for the people I know currently work with them.


I’m in the same boat but no credit card. My x ruined my credit and its such a slow go to get the score up. I’m on social security. So that is my reason for no travel.

There are a few companies in this article that you may want to look into for debt consolidation @barbara.coia.waller