Credit cards

I’m trying to find someone to help me with credit card debt. I don’t know who to trust. I’m watching for scams

What kind of help do you need? Are you behind on payments? Are you looking for the best way to pay them down? On a limited income and can’t make the payments? Advice and help really depends on what the situation that you need help or advice with.

I have personally used Greenpath and recommend them to everyone I work with who has credit card debt that they are feeling overwhelmed with.

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Would u please give me information on Greenpath

I’m on limited income, I’ve called credit card companys to see if they can lower the arp & they won’t. I tried to pay extra & then they slam interest charges on payment & it doesnt get any where

I don’t know what you mean by ‘slam interest charges on payment’. Credit cards don’t work like that. Your minimum payment should always be more than the interest it accrues, so if you have a $500 balance on a card with 36% APR, then your interest is just a bit over $15.00 for that billing cycle. You should be making at least twice that, if not 3x that, if you want to see any progress. However, even if you make a $20 payment, you are still knocking your bill down by $5.00 each month.

Here is Greenpath info:

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Thanks for the Greenpath link, @jeremym

I’ve used Lutheran Social Services for debt management in the past.

I am trying to get organized! Being by myself now and my daughter has moved out. She comes every ones in a while and screams at me! But she sleeps all day!!! I am receiving disability; looking for work!