credit card trouble again

hello all i am in a jam with my cards again called a credit company and they pretty much said i dont qualify for their program. they said i dont even have enough money coming in to pay my billed and contact my states attorney general to see what would happen if i dont pay my unsecured debt or student loan. i am on disability and he said just to pay my priorities like rent phone food and meds. that no one can attach my income. is this true i live in connecticut. so i set up my payments for next month. i left 3 credit cards out and my student loan.

Have you spoken to counselors at Greenpath? I found them to be SUPER helpful when I had credit card debt. The financial counseling is free, but the credit/debt management costs a small fee. They may be able to provide some additional guidance.

I know from experience that student loans do not go away. You may want to consider calling them and getting a deferment or income based repayment program. (It may be $0) You may also be able to get your loans eliminated if you are permanently disabled. Your loan company can point you in the right direction to get that started, if it is an option. But you have to ask and keep in touch with them.