I have $30k in credit card debt, and I'm unemployed.

I feel like I’m drowning, and I’m so stressed I can’t make any decisions about what do to next. Help!!

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Breathe and make a plan.

Check out Dave Ramsey’s site for some help - www.daveramsey.com. He talks about cutting expenses to the bone and going gazelle intense to pay off debt.

Create a budget. Here’s some information from the Pennyhoarder on doing that: https://www.thepennyhoarder.co…ademy/budgeting-101/.

Also check out this Pennyhoarder article about paying down debt using the debt snowball or debt avalanche method: https://www.thepennyhoarder.co…owball-vs-avalanche/.

Also, consider doing a no-spend January. This is where you don’t spend money on anything that’s not considered essential.

Good luck. Once you’ve made a plan I think you’ll feel a lot better.


Thank you so much, Lismox!! I’m developing my plan this week. I’m scrounging together pennies to pay the rent. I also appreciate the encouragement. I’m going to survive – and soon, I’ll be thriving!

The feeling of debt can often be paralyzing enough that it clouds our ability to just take that first step. You have a strong community here and we are rooting for you! @lismox hits on all the right points and I am personally a fan of the debt snowball method the most when the debt is spread across many cards. I also have been using the debt management tools that Harvest Platform which automatically calculates the amount I should pay and in what order. It uses the debt snowball method and also get bank fees refunded!

I hear you girl! I put Medical debt on credit cards, now I am 19,000 in debt!

But, I am paying more than the Min., i make 2 payments a month. Every 2 weeks. Keeps interest down. Went to bear bones, cut coupons, save where i can…hang in there, i am on a fixed income too!

JordyPordy posted:

Thank you so much, Lismox!! I’m developing my plan this week. I’m scrounging together pennies to pay the rent. I also appreciate the encouragement. I’m going to survive – and soon, I’ll be thriving!

I was in your position not long ago and there are programs to help you until you get back on your feet! If you’re afraid of becoming homeless call 211 it’s a federal hotline that’ll connect you with your area’s various organizations that might be able to help pay your rent, then check out your utility provider’s website as most these days have programs they offer to work with you and come up with a payment plan you can afford, & there’s also a wide variety of government programs for assistance for either going back to school or retraining for a new career that’s all paid for with grants so you will never have to worry about repaying any debt. Lastly I’d like to offer you some encouragement… no matter how bad you think it is, it can ALWAYS get worse so no matter what, don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to someone (heck talk to a lot of someone’s, don’t know why people think getting a 2nd opinion should relate to just DR’s?!?) and before you do anything that’s considered permanent you should take some time to sit, write a list of “pro’s vs con’s” and when you feel comfortable after doing all you can, decide what your next step is going to be. ID theft in 2012 (didn’t know about it until 2014) has pretty much ruined my life and for the past 8+ years I’ve had to deal with more federal, State + local Governments, write sooo many letters and keep some serious and detailed records (please don’t forget to do that!!) of every penny I’ve spent, where, when & how I’ve spent it and not be afraid to stand up for myself by saying “NO” whenever someone would tell me that they couldn’t help me, I was either lying or wrong, & when someone would try pressuring me into just accepting whatever expense has been added to my name & wait for it to “disappear” from my credit history(?!?) ah no. SO: stay strong, be diligent and most of all ~ believe in yourself BUTT(& I’m talkin a load of junk in this trunk) but, if you’re having doubts…ASK for help. “It does not make you weak to ask for help. In fact, it makes you stronger by doing so. To admit you are human and you do have flaws, is one thing but, to do what needs to be done in order to fix those flaws, shows a strength in you, that has absolutely nothing to fear.” (*i believe Keanu Reeves said that in an article I read, I’ve a filing cabinet like memory, lol. TTFN & Great Luck to you!!