Credit Repair Journey

My scores were 490TU 507EX and 505EQ as of 1/08/19. I was looking in to getting a VA home loan and was directed to a credit specialist who was able to pull my scores and disect my credit. It wasn’t pretty.

My first plan of attach was to analyze and target the items which had the highest and immediate impact on my score which were recent collections with the highest balances. I got those off first. Then I paid off the rest one after another. Simultaneously I increased the credit line on my secured credit card to $2000 and got another secured credit card for $500. I make sure that my DTI (debt-to-income ratio) is always around 5%.

I suggest signing up with an expert because they can do the tedious legwork of sending out requests for removals. Not sure about you but I don’t have the time to send out hundreds of letters for hundreds of items on my credit. I let them do that. Don’t get me wrong, repair companies have helped me a little bit but I mostly use them to clean things up. I have used Royalblade credit repair services since December of 2019 and have seen very major increases in my score. The most impact on my score will be from on-time payments and low DTI coupled with removing recent collections.

These are my scores which were pulled by my friend and credit advisor 101creditbooster (Royalblade @protonmail com)as of 12/12/2019:

617TU 545EX and 606EQ

And lately:


790TU 783EX 796EQ

The results speak for themselves. Keep in mind that my scores did not improve until I actively started paying attention and sort for help. That’s a 190 points swing in months! It can be done. Just get organised and get good hands. Gooodluck!

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Veterans United is great for home buying for veterans. My husband is in the process of using his VA loan for the first time, I have a house in my name only already. In 2016, he had a low credit score of 600. Now his score is 808. He got the first credit card, charged $30 a month and paid it in full every month. Then he got another card with a higher limit. He made a few purchases, paid in full each month. Now he hasn’t used the cards in 6 months. Each card has a zero balance. The key is paying off each month and charging a small amount. We also don’t have any consumer debt, student loans, or car loans. We have savings, as lenders look at your abilities to pay your mortgage in the future, especially with Covid-19. Best wishes for your future new home.

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MarkR. Can you provide an example of a letter to write to have an item removed off your report ?

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