Rebuild Your Credit ASAP

I thank 760Plus Credit Score for helping me achieve my long term goal of becoming a homeowner. I had a very poor credit score which prevented me from achieving my goals, (500s across the 3 credit bureaus) I have been using the DIY method to fix my credit score for a very long time, but didn’t get positive results. I found 760Plus while surfing for help in a credit forum. They helped me erase negative items and my score is now 790s across the 3 bureaus. I’m recommending their services to the public as promised. You can reach out to them via Email: 760PLUSCREDITSCORE on GMAIL, don’t forget to mention me.

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I know many might be skeptical, but I’ve first hand experience and it’s cool. So if you are in dire need of credit fix, contact them; but if you’re not, no trolling please.

**When I and my wife started the process of purchasing our new home for us and our kids, we never expected to run into any problems with our credit report. We felt we were diligent in keeping up with our scores and what was reported without noticing any errors. We got faced with a significant credit reporting error that was going to make buying our home impossible. We were completely discouraged, and we felt helpless. From the moment we contacted 760Plus Credit Score, they were responsive, knowledgeable, and helped to set aside our fears. It was done in a way that also gave us realistic expectations, which we needed. We thank you immensely for helping us realize our long-term dream of becoming home owners. I’m recommending your services, as promised.

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I just want to thank you Mr. Jerry for all you do, very amazing. I was very skeptical at first, never heard of someone fixing low credit score on excellent reports. After being turned down for a home loan, I filed for my credit report to see what was on it. To my dismay there were duplications, misinformation as well as things that weren’t even mine. No wonder I couldn’t get the loan. A friend from work said to me that good day, my friend look out for JerryLink Credit Group on the Internet and so I did. After going through and I saw some positive reviews, I decided to contact them. I’m glad I did. It took only 15days to erase negative information, and push my score to 790s from the initial 550s across all three bureaus. You too can testify like me by reaching out to them today via: JERRYLINKGROUP at GMAIL dot COM

good morning thank you for sharing i learn a lot from this great group of people