Debt from 2005

Hi I received a letter regarding debt from 2005 from Washington Mutual Bank. It stated I owe them $2000.00. This is a debt from 2005 15 yrs they should not asking for that s now. What should we do?

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Looks like the statute of limitations varies by state, you’d have to check yours, this link might help you:

That might be a place to start.



Yes. Be very careful to know the rules. In someways if you contact a company that can restart the countdown.


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Do not respond to them until you get all the information, as this could be a scam. The information would be included in the letter, and check the statue of limitations. My state is 10 years.

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Ask yourself, do you recall the debt, if you do make sure you have all the facts before contacting. Info such as an account number, paperwork for the transaction even though it was a long time ago, they should have contacted you well before now. What was the money taken out for, the purpose: home repair, auto purchase, baby, tuition, rack your brains, then take a break, rack your brains again, it may take days.

That is a possibility presented by Veronica, a scam, they arrive here daily. Good pickup Veronica.