dividend investments

The best thing I did to have money in my retirement was to start buying stocks in my 30’s and reinvesting the dividends. There are many stocks that can be bought without a broker. The first one I invested in was Wal Mart. I bought most of my shares when the were $20. something. Each quarter I would get a statement that showed how much my dividend was and what fraction of a share I now owned in Wal Mart. It was a happy day when my dividend equaled 1/2 share and then a whole share. There were times that the stock split 2 for 1 shares.Now I just had my 67 year birthday. I am retired and my dividends are paid to me by check. I also own 1,346 shares. My checks are now in the $100’s of dollars. That is just 1 of the stocks I purchased like that. The important thing to remember is 1 share is not a wimp of an investment.And 43cents is not a wimp dividend. They are both the beginning of a major investment and the beginning of funding your retirement. My SS check is only $730, and my utility bill on my home is $500, each month. I honestly live off my dividends. I have been retired 2 years and have never sold a share of any of my stocks. I just deposit my dividends into my checking account.Do not listen to those who say you can’t do that. My husband was one of those people. Just smile and keep investing those dividends. Shelia Wright a penny pincher before there was an organization for uss


@Shelia Wright. Thanks so much for sharing. Good information!

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That say A.I is a good idea to invest in I am 36 years old with 6 kids can anyone help me with a tip or help me in the right direction

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Look at SHLX 16% Divided