Emergency utility bill help

Hello everyone,

My husband and I are currently in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and our money is very limited. We’ve been trying to keep up with our utility bills by getting on their budget plans and were doing well until he got switched to 2nd shift from 1st shift and he’s getting less hours therefore the money is less. Now we’ve fallen behind and we’ve been begging and pleading with them to not shut off our water & electricity but there’s no more negotiating and we have no way of paying even the minimum to keep things on. Can anyone suggest any place that can help us? Most of our agencies where we live that help people won’t help us because even though we’re in bankruptcy they say we make too much to help. Even though our take home for both of us, for a month, is only between $400-$600 a month. We have cut down all of our other bills, only have antenna tv, prepaid internet for $45 a month and prepaid cell service.

Also, if anyone knows of any good work-from-home jobs, PLEASE let me know. I can’t physically do a traditional second job because of some health issues.

Thank you for any and all suggestions.


Have you applied to the human services office of your town or city for help? They often have emergency funds available for assistance like this.

@kellyfromkeene Unfortunately we’ve tried everything and most government agencies look at your gross income and not your net therefore in their eyes we make too much money. We’ve asked family & friends for help but everyone is strapped, so we’re in a really difficult spot. Thank you for the suggestion.

Check with agencies like United Way and Catholic Charities or other church organizations… they may be able to assist you.

KIERSTEN HEDKE I know how you feel. Just went to get meds filled
for our son and was told he was taken off medical. i just want to crawl
back in bed today but i’m not given up.

Your local churches my be able to help you.
All so this my sound crazy but if you have
kids in school or not they my know of some
one who can help you. I did this years ago even
called a school district we wasn’t in but same county
and got help that way.

All so depending on your health issue they my not be able
to shut your power or gas off. I know this because my husband
on oxygen 24/7 so our power can’t be shut off and in the winter
months it can’t be shut off.

I’m sorry your going threw this. I’ll be praying for you