Financial Fitness February: Day 16

Another slow day, as Sundays tend to be for me. Really not a lot went down financially but here are a couple things.

1.) Spent $30 for A Dinner

My wife and I try not to eat out too much but this dinner is a little different. It is actually an upcoming dinner (on Friday) that our church hosts every year around Valentines day. The dinner is $15 a person.

It is a time to eat great food, have fun and enjoy some funny skits. The theme is Hawaiian Luau and since we just got back from a trip to Hawaii recently, we already have out Hawaiian outfit for it.

Things like this we don’t mind spending on from time to time as it is just a once a year thing and a great chance to do something different and enjoy some quality time together.

Because we do try to stay on top of our finances, it allows us to take advantage of opportunities like this without breaking the bank.

And as I have already discussed previously, it is good to spend some money on yourself from time to time.

2.) Sold a Random Light Bulb

This one was kind of random but I had a listing up for a lava lamp light bulb that my brother set up a while back for me when I paid him to list some of my dropshipped items.

I really never thought I would sell it as it is not a highly sought after item, but I guess with me selling so many lava lamps, its only a matter of time before someone needs a new bulb for theirs.

That sale won’t give me much profit, maybe like $1 when it is all said and done.

But it is just another reminder that dropshipping is a great way to earn some money on the side and you would be surprised the items people end up buying!

FUN FACT: Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows coffee. Of course, that makes sense since it is a tropical environment but I have never thought about the fact that nearly all the coffee in the country comes from outside the country. There are lots of interesting facts about Hawaii, when you get a chance, you should Google it!

LESSON FROM TODAY: No sale is insignificant, not even a light bulb. Although there is not a lot of profit to be made, it still made some money and that is a WIN when it comes to finances.

Got any WINS to share? I want to hear them!

What is the most interesting fact about the State/Country you live in?

A random light bulb…Jon, you have a gift!

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:)Thanks @mskimberly I have noticed that the items I have sold in the past couple weeks have all been related to light in some way. It must just be the time of the year.

That being said, I did actually pick up some other light bulbs the other day that should bring me in a decent profit once I get them listed and sold.

Jon, you have a gift!

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