For Anyone Planning For Children- IVF Costs and How To Pay For It

My wife and I have been trying for children for over a year now. I’ve heard of In-Vitro Fertilization and the expense of it, as there are numerous advertisements on television and in magazines. However, I never really thought that could be a situation that I might deal with. Now that it has become a discussion, I have done much research on the matter, and have, indeed, learned of the overwhelming costs that can be incurred.

As a financial planner working with those at transitional life points, I want to share the knowledge that I have gained from my research, and help prepare anyone who this might be personally speaking to right now. Any preparation that I can provide someone else through this read, makes me happy.

Please feel free to read and share if this is a subject important to your life right now.…ial-planning-for-ivf

This is a subject near and dear to many on a sensitive issue, IVF, people become so obsessed over having their own baby that nothing else matters in the whole wide world. The expense and sacrifice to have the experience of birthing a baby through this method is astronomical, let alone 1 baby or multiples. There are many, many children out there who need you and want to have loving caring parents, a father and a mother to raise them. Please consider adoption. Ask your self is your DNA really that important in the life of a child? I do not mean to sound hostile or insensitive, if I do, I am truly sorry.

@redcatcec I appreciate your response and assume and respect your decision to adopt children. Fortunately at the moment, we don’t have to make either decision, as we are not giving up just yet. However, because this is a financial forum, I wanted to present my research to the group so that they can obtain knowledge of the financial options available.

I have thought about writing on the financial strategies and benefits of adoption, as well. Recently, with the new SECURE Act that just passed, people have the option of pulling money out of their retirement plan tax-free for adoption costs. This is on top of already existing deductions and adoption credits that can be obtained. If I write on the subject matter, I can share with those that are interested in the forum.

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