Getting a loan without a job


I’ve been looking into a loan to pay off credit card debt, but given the current circumstances of the pandemic, both my wife and I are unemployed. She’s on unemployment, but working as freelancer, and I’m waiting for my contract work to pick back up. Are there ways of getting a loan even if you don’t have a job? I know they need to see that you’re getting money somehow, but I wonder if someone knows which lenders will be okay with that. Thanks!

I am in the very same position!! I don’t really know if me and my boy’s will be put out of my apartment today !! The only way that you could possibly get a loan without proof of income is if you happen to have something that you could put up for collateral or someone to co-sign ! I am not 100% sure but that’s all that came to mind I wish you the very best I know alot of people are struggling !! GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY AND PRAYERS FOR HELP TO COME YOUR WAY!! HOPEFULLY I GET A BLESSING ALSO !!! JUST REMEMBER ANYTHING IS WORTH A TRY ALL THEY CAN SAY IS NO !!

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Hello Andrew,

I do my banking at a credit union and there have been times I would go in and ask questions before entering into a process that would create a hard pull on my credit report. Do some research and make some calls prior to officially applying is how I would approach it. As you know the bottom line is can you prove how you can repay the loan and what is your history of paying back loans in the past, and is your credit score worthy of the consideration. Best of luck to you.

I will need someone that I can borrow me money

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