good and bad deals on Roofstock (Turnkey rental properties)


I’m new to real estate investing. I already have some money invested in Fundrise which is basically stock in real estate (paper real estate). I want to get into physical real estate. I have no real estate experience. My question is how do I know the difference between a good and a bad deal on a turnkey investment property on roofstock. I would just use a mortgage calculator online but how do I know the difference between a good and bad deal on roofstock for turnkey RE investments?


That sounds like a question for a real estate investor. I am not aware of any active members on here that do RE but maybe @maryann would know?

I have had my eye on both Roofstock and Fundrise for a while now, I just haven’t been in the position to be able to invest on any of those platforms.

So for now, I am just sticking with investing in BRIX, REIT (Formerly Rich Uncles) and I have been getting decent returns on there.

Sometime in the near future I would like to give the two platforms you mentioned a shot.

To THEUNIX… check out for invaluable information on everything investment real estate (they frequently have webinars, good articles…some of the best info is in the Comments). I have one rental property I purchased 7 years ago before I retired (2015) because I was looking for another stream of income in retirement. I would love to buy another but haven’t been able to because of medical debt. And then, when I’m out of debt, I’m thinking about Fundrise. I have heard of Roofstock though.