Have you been successful in getting a refund for summer travel?

I’m curious if anyone has been successful in getting a refund for summer travel?

It seems more and more people are having to change summer vacation plans due to COVID. Curious to know what steps folks took to get their money back.

If you were successful in getting a refund (not just a travel credit), how did you go about that?

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Yes I did get a refund for my spouse and I on a 2 week trip to Europe, starting March 3, 2020, for an International ski meet. It involved AC-1, Delta, Alitalia & Aeroflot. We got back about 85% of our purchase price. A lot of work with a great effort by the credit card company. I had filed a dispute over having paid without any service. Still have NOT received anything for the R & B in Europe. This was paid by personal check and NOT the credit card.

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We were supposed to go to Tampa, Fl April 26, 2020 and canceled due to the Pandemic. Southwest would not refund the money for flight, but we can use that money towards another flight later. They extended the time to use it from one year to a date in 2022. So that’s good. I don’t know when I would want to fly again. Maybe once there’s a vaccine.

We were supposed to visit Pennsylvania family and during that time my husband was to take in a conference and a business meeting. The return flight got cancelled by the airline. They refunded our ticket price. We re-booked with another airline. The business meeting cancelled. Then the conference cancelled. Then the friends we were to stay with told us of government restrictions, so could no longer house us. So we ended up cancelling the entire trip. We got airline credit for the two flights (to re-book later) and a refund on the rental car. // We contacted the airlines and car rental directly.

I had planned a trip to Hawaii involving 4 one-way flights, i.e., 1 to LA on American Airlines, 1 from LA to Honolulu, 1 back to LA, and 1 back to Pittsburgh. Accommodations in Hawaii were canceled, so I couldn’t go. Sun Country Airlines canceled the flight back to LA, so I got a refund. Since the other flights hadn’t been canceled, I got vouchers for future flights. I also lodged claims for the unrefunded amounts with Travel Guard, but don’t know the outcome of those yet.

AirBnB does not refund money for rentals in locked down states, instead gives a credit to be used for the next rental. A win/lose situation, AirBnB wins as one ends up spending money,even with a credit. The consumer loses, as is often the case.

The honorable thing would be to give refunds, not credits toward future rentals.

You gotta love those extra fees: service fee, cleaning fee.

So I’m sure you have figured by reading above: we took the credit and am vacationing in a nearby un-locked state.

Please read all the terms and conditions before you decide to rent through AirBnB.