Car insurance refunds?

I read that some companies are issuing refunds for the decline in claims on auto insurance:…ronavirus/index.html

Has anyone gotten a refund? Have you heard if other companies will take part in this move?

I heard about this earlier today about Allstate insurance. We actually have insurance through them but haven’t gotten anything from them directly. I think it is only for the next 2 months so it probably won’t be very much anyway.

I received an email from The Hartford Insurance Company 2 days ago saying that I would receive a 15% credit for the next 2 months of my payments due to individuals not driving as much.

This will take $11.50 off each of my next 2 monthly payments.

Thanks for your reply!

This should help motivate the other insurance providers: https://www.insurancejournal.c…020/04/13/564520.htm

And here is a list of the insurers that offering some refund (to date): https://www.insurancejournal.c…020/04/13/564510.htm

More companies are giving refunds:…break-too-2020-04-09

I got a $10 refund this morning from Essurance :relaxed: