Auto Ins based on usage

Hi everyone, just this week I heard about Auto Insurance based on actual usage. I’m newly Disabled so reorienting some areas of spending. It doesn’t make sense to pay so much when hardly driving at all. Before inventing the wheel, I thought asking here might yield results for all of us. Is this really a thing? It’s Its certainly not common knowledge yet, if so. Are there legitimate companies/ comparisons? Thanks!!

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It most certainly is a thing. I have usage based insurance on my car through Root. I’m fairly young (23) and a male so I’ve always gotten screwed on auto insurance despite the fact that I’ve never been in an accident and never received a ticket. I still have a loan on my car so I have to carry full coverage which makes it even worse. With my old insurance company usaa I paid 225 a month for full coverage. I switched over to Root and now I pay 90 for even better coverage (lower deductible, free roadside assistance multiple times a year, and they’ll even pay for my uber home on drinking holidays). Switching to a company that gave me my rates based on often/how safely I drive rather than age and sex saved me 1500 a year. They’ll watch you through your phones gps for 2-4 weeks depending on how often you drive. They’ll look to see if you speed, use your phone, turn at a high rate of speed, stop quickly, and what hours you drive at. As long as you dont speed, slam on your brakes or drive at 2am for the time they’re watching you I would expect a better rate than you’d get with any big name insurance company

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Fantastic! Thankyou so much for this!

The ins company to look into is called Root?

Here is another: Metromile. I am considering switching to Metromile, but not certain yet. Good luck!

It seems like a good idea to have a auto insurance policy based on usage, the consumer ends up with significant savings on their rates. Can you explain what happens if you have an accident or any events when they are monitoring? Are they very forgiving?

These are details I am not aware of yet best thing is to look on their website. Root usage-based Auto Insurance. They’re not available in my state yet, which is North Carolina, but in most others according to the map. Good luck!

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