Insurance comparison site


Its renewal time for my car insurance and homeowner

policies. Is there a site that compares all competitor pricing

against your present pricing? In essence one that does all the work for you?

Thank you in advance.

GABI. ZEBRA. Both r the best sites?

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Thank you Judi. I will try both of them.

I have found that those sites result in numerous unsolicited calls for weeks to follow so I do not list my actual phone number anymore!



I agree. Months ago I went through the questions and answers and they gave me nothing but annoying calls from Insurance companies in pursuit of business. I was hoping for a legit comparison site that didn’t just give my info out.

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They all do it. Plus I get all these calls about my cars extended warranty. I do not have an extended warranty but they still call multiple times per week. I know that is where they got my information from! You can’t report them because they come in on weird numbers and won’t give you any company info. If you ask any questions about getting off their list they just hang up on you.

I have found that after you run the numbers on the site and do talk to an agent to set up service the quote they give is always different anyway. Much higher or much lower but it is not very accurate;

All of the sites I have tried end up trying to push me to Progressive and I do not want to do my insurance online I want a tangible agent that I can contact locally. I have done the online route and for auto insurance, I just need that extra peace of mind. But you can sure figure out who pays the most in advertising because they are always popping up as the best option. lol

Time to do the work myself and not rely on people wanting all your information and giving back nothing… Thanks for telling me your experiences, it certainly confirms my suspicions.