Insurance claim - minor accident, my fault

I hit my neighbor’s parked car. No one else was involved but me. I took pictures. The cars both got scraped. I figured mine is worse than hers and that both looked like something that could be sanded out. I figured I’d owe her $200 or so. She got estimates for $800 and $1800!

The higher cost is from the dealer, and that’s who my insurance company chose for her to go to. It appears they just took the estimate at face value. I thought they would estimate it themselves.

(Her car is the white one. The red car is mine.)


Plus they offered her a rental car for a week (or so).

I found all this out from my neighbor, not my insurance agent. What’s up here?

I take it my insurance will go up, plus I’ll pay my deductible. I don’t have rental on my insurance because I wouldn’t have needed it. Will I have to cover that too?

Am I overreacting? Is this how it goes? I haven’t had an accident in over 20 years, never my fault. Not in Michigan either. Then again I haven’t owned a car for 10, and I’ve only been insured for six months with the car I inherited this summer.

One more thing. I didn’t think the damages to my car were that serious either. I thought both of us could get our cars detailed and that would take care of it. But a friend says if my insurance is involved I might as well get my car fixed too, because they’re going to go up on my insurance anyway. Does it make a difference that I’m 65? Thanks for your help. I feel better just having the opportunity to ask the question. I’m not going to sit around worrying about it, but if there’s anything I can do to reduce the costs it would be terrific. My neighbor seems like a nice lady but this is a little tough.


The law states they can go to any auto repair center they choose. A lot of times what we think is just a buff and repaint is a little more, labor is involved and shop labor is not cheap. It might seem unfair to you, but it is what it is. Sorry this happened to you.