Flood claim?

I have flood insurance, even though I’m not in a flood zone. Yesterday, we got 4 inches of rain in less than one hour! The house next door is vacant. The landlord closed off their French Drain, so that house probably has water in it. Because my French Drain was just keeping up with the deluge, it was overwhelmed when my neighbors excess water began flooding into my kitchen and living room. The insurance adjuster will be here in the morning to figure out my next move. I’ve never made a flood claim and it’s been since 1995 since I made a homeowners claim. Has anyone ever made a flood insurance claim? If the floors have to be pulled up, then I’ll have to move all the furniture. Yikes!

I have never had to file a flood insurance claim and hope I never will.

But what you share here is a prime example of why it is important to plan ahead financially for unexpected things.

Having enough foresight to purchase flood insurance even though you may not be in a flood zone is a smart move!


Best of luck with the insurance adjuster tomorrow. Keep us updated.

I wish you luck on your claim. I live in Houston so you know I have flood insurance. By the time I bought here, it was a requirement for all purchases (it wasn’t always a requirement is my understanding). Haven’t had to use it, yet…

I’m going to have to move out all the furniture and put it in storage. My dog and I will have to move to a hotel or apartment. They will have to pull up all the floors, bye bye oak parquet! The kitchen cabinets have to be pulled out and clean/replace floor tiles. Then the walls about 3 foot up of wallboard. Replace one door. Then redo the driveway and upgrade my French Drain. I’m covered for $250,000 / $100,000 and one policy pays all the copays and the storage fees and hotel/apartment. If the damage is higher than what I owe, house is paid for, so I’m concerned they’ll just tear the place down. The secondary insurance pays all utilities at damaged home and wherever we end up living.

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Sounds like you are well covered for this situation.

That takes a lot of wise financial planning ahead of time.

I bet it is a headache to deal with but great job preparing for it ahead of time!